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If it's reasonably priced, I'd be interested as well. Either kit or just PCB would be fine... - Peter Helmers
Randall: I had a very similar experience with ZZF a year or so ago. I ordered a new motherboard but it came in a plain box with just a few accessories. I had enough spare parts to make up for the missing pieces and the system worked fine. However, ever since I've been stayig away from them... - Peter
I posted this on a similar thread yesterday. The FusionHDTV5 USB tuner is expected in mid-October. - Peter
I just saw this mentioned on the BeyondTV message board: FusionHDTV5 USB. Looks interesting... - Peter
I've had good luck with kits and drivers from Madisound and PartsExpress. In addition, they both have active discussion boards with DIY'ers who have published their own designs on the Web. Two such sites I like are Roman Bednarek's and John Krutke's. Have fun! - Peter
The nMedia HTPC 100BA case is only 13.8" deep. Its available from NewEgg as well as other vendors. Its been discussed a few times in this forum. I modified the case to use my own LCD display module; my writeup is here. - Peter
Quote: Originally Posted by snuffy47 Okay Now has anyone used one of these things? I am curious also if you are going to use it to transmitt too if the unit can be made apart of the case? I'm not sure if this is what you meant, but I've mounted a USBUIRT inside my nMediaPC case as shown here and here. - Peter
I use a 40Gb Hitachi 5400 RPM notebook harddisk (with 8Mb cache) for the system disk in my HTPC. I chose this because the 2.5" drives are quieter than standard drives. The drive is mounted in an old 2.5" aluminum external drive chassis to lessen noise even further. This "sub-chassis" is in turn mounted inside the HTPC. All of my important audio and video files are stored on a network server in the basement. - Peter
Actually, USB2 does have enough bandwidth. I'm using a Tritton Technologies SEE2 USB to VGA adapter for driving a secondary monitor at resolutions of up to 1280x1024. The driver also has a mode to mirror whats on the primary display. I bought mine here. I have had some driver stability issues, but it may be because I've primarily used the SEE2 when debugging programs from Microsoft's Visual C++ development system - e.g. it may be the debuggers fault. However,...
lsu_rocks2003: No I didn't build the AV1RS; I just was aware of them. And the DiLuceos I bought premade. However, I have built several kit based speakers from Madisound and they turned out fine. And I'm planning on building another set of speakers from parts (e.g. not kit) in the near future. If you are interested, there are lots of DIY speaker related forums such as those at Parts Express.com, Madisound.com, and HTGuide.com. There are even the a few good...
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