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Jason: I've ordered a couple of refurb motherboards from NewEgg and had no real problems. However, they often don't come with the normal "extras" such as IDE cables, etc. Also, the last one I got didn't recognize either an older PS or a USB keyboard until I reset the CMOS data - I think that may be why it was returned... However, it works fine now. Good luck, - Peter
Several years ago I tried VNC and found it somewhat slow. (With faster processors and other improvements, that may not be much of an issue anymore...) I switched to a $35 product called Remote Administrator from Famatech which I've used since. For my needs, its fast and easy to use. However its downside is that it does not offer a Pocket PC version. - Peter
Now, if you want to really spend some money on sound absorption materials, you might be interested in a material called "Black Hole 5" which is used in DIY speaker building for damping internal speaker cabinet reflections. Here a link to one supplier: Black Hole 5 at Parts Express. I've only recently learned about this stuff so I've never tried it for quieting a PC. Its biggest problem is that it's 1 3/8" thick... - Peter
Here's another program which I use: DirSync Directory Synchronizer . It has a very nice interface. There's also a free program called Replicator from Karenware which I used before trying DirSync. It's UI is so-so but its price is great... - Peter
For any software developers interested in remote control, CodeProject.com has an article with C# source code for controlling the Griffen "Total Remote" IR plugin adapter for Pocket PC's. - Peter
Dave, Yes, with a minor caveat. As you probably can tell from pics, the space between the upper 5.25 and the lower 3.5 inch front openings is where the disk drive goes. The caveat is that on the left side (when looking from the front), the built in USB/1394 plugs/cable assemblies do stick into the the corresponding 3.5" space. The cables might complicate placement, also. It's probably usable though. - Peter
dcg: I used the very similar ATC-610 and totally modified the cooling b.c. I didn't think 60mm was large enough. Here's a series of pictures. Hope it helps. - Peter
Valnar: I'm not planning on making a decision right away so I definitely would be interested in a comparison between the Protege and the Sapphires. (It's hard to get a good feel from the website...). Thanks, - Peter
araghava: There's a free browser called Avant Browser which is a wrapper around internet explorer. Among other things, Avant browser is a tabbed browser and will open linked windows in a new tab. The only problem with Avant browser for HTPC use is that it can't increase the text size like Mozilla\\Firefox. However for non HTPC use, Avant has been my favorite browser for the last year or so. - Peter
I am considering upgrading my speakers. The primary question I have is whether stand mounted monitor speakers would be OK in a moderately large room or should I restrict myself to towers. I have a 16 x 22' listening room with vaulted ceilings. I currently have Bose 901 Series IV's (...shudder) and a Paradigm PS-1200a subwoofer. My system is primarily used for classical music with occassional DVD viewing. My amp is a Yamaha DSP-A3090 (80 watts by 5 channels). I will...
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