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This coming Thursday's new episode will be a Leonard-Penny centric episode. You may enjoy it.
I am sure Leonard and Penny will get together in the end. It just may take several years to play out.
Quote: Originally Posted by pacofortacos DO NOT use the .mp4 format, the audio and video are out of sync. .TS works fairly well, but IMO the .MT2S format works the best. On mine the .mp4 format leaves the audio lagging the video, which unfortunately is not correctable without serious manipulation. Thanks, I am using .TS and it is working pretty well.
I just bought a Hauppauge 1212. Which is a better format to use for viewing and burning Blu-Ray DVD'S ? Should I use the .ts format or .mp4 ? Thanks for any help.
I wouldn't be surprised if in the season premiere we find out nothing really happend. They may have been too drunk, and just slept.
Four new episodes to end the season starting this week (April 28) including a shocking, must see season finale.
Quote: Originally Posted by bpeacock22 Nothing to spoil really, the network's commercial makes it pretty plain. But I'm sure that line was taken out of context of what is really going to go down in the episode. It was Howard and Bernadette getting engaged which was not mentioned in the promo.
Make sure to watch tomorrow night's episode. Big happenings that will affect the overall storyline. Don't want to spoil it, but big stuff coming tomorrow.
Four new episodes in a row starting next Thursday, February 3.
Quote: Originally Posted by oletheos i loved how raj texted leonard to have him call bernadette to tell her what howard meant by napping. Agreed. One of the funnier lines in a great episode.
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