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I got that letter too, and I believe yes they are encrypting just about everything -- not sure about the locals, perhaps someone here will know. Chris
You are absolutely right, get on the 1-800-COMCAST number and hit the option to Cancel. You need to speak to a CSR in the Customer Retention department. They will offer you some great deals, including half off cable OR internet for 6 months. Give it a shot and see how you make out. I agree, for what I watch, the cable bill is not worth it... Chris
Hi Everyone, I just had a friend buy this TV on my recommendation, and everything is great, however he noticed the Internet is a bit slow. I had him run a speed test and he got: Download: 10792kb/s Is that pretty decent for a Wireless "G" network (he doesn't have N). I was wondering if other Vizio owners are experiencing some lag when working with the widgets. I have not been over to play with it yet. Thanks, Chris
This unit sure looks nice...I love the Oppo comments! Chris
This whole situation is such a shame. If Panasonic doesn't think this isn't going to bite them in the you-know-where long term, they have it all wrong. Fanatics like us don't forget, and I certainly won't be looking at Panasonic next time I purchase a TV. Such a shame that they won't step up to the plate. Maybe the lawyers will get somewhere.
Just thought I'd update this thread for anyone who is interested. I just received the letter from Comcast in the mail today stating that the digital transition for the Hartford system will be May 4th, 2010. A long ways away, but considering they have to get the entire city ready to roll, it's not surprising. I just got my letter in the mail today (Jan 20th). Anyone else get this yet? We are allowed 2 boxes per houshold. At least flat panels are coming down in price,...
Me too! Whats going on? I am in Windsor (Hartford system) and would like to know when we're going to start getting our little boxes I am soooo ready for more HD!
Jason, If you return the set you will have a very, very hard time finding another 111. They are very hard to find right now and the chances of getting a replacement are slim. My 151FD buzzes if I have the sound muted and the picture is on a bright scene. To be honest I always have the sound on and I don't think about it at all. I would live with the set for a week and see what you think -- again, 111s are near impossible to get and if thats the only problem I wouldn't...
Hi Allen! Black with Silver would also look very sharp. Sometimes I wish I went for the silver rails. I suppose I could always change them at some point.... Post some pictures once you have the setup all complete Chris
Sweet, congrats! You'll really love the stand, it's one of those things that is timeless in design. I've had my Salamander audio rack for 10+ years and it's still solid as the day I put it together. Good quality furniture lasts. Those are B&W Nautilus 802s. About 10 years old but they still sound great. Enjoy your stand and post some pictures when you have the setup all together! Chris
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