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If you mean the Playboy club up high in one of the buildings on Sunset Blvd, Ha! again. I did go there once on a double date with a friend of mine. Only time. All those cute girlie waitresses with fuzzy rabbit ears on their heads.
Ha! I too was intensely interested when the VideoBeam first released and I used to know Ted when he was at Warner Bros Records. Never knew he did an add for that groundbreaking projection TV.
Hi Rich. I have to disagree here. Doing the exact same thing in a Fryes store with a 65" 4K Sony right next to a 65" 1080P Sony my eye test was specifically did 1080P source material look any better on the 4K set, or as good even, as on the native 1080P Sony next to it. It was hard to say it looked any better, and at best they were about equal. I even felt it looked softer at times which wouldn't be all that hard to believe with the 4x bump up in scaling.But down in...
Do LCD TVs have worse off axis brightness than DLP rear projection? Why I ask is I purchased at Costco for our bedroom a new Visio E series 40" set. It's temporarily sitting on a chest not all the way in the corner. I have been so pleased with its picture and with the coming pricing for the bigger and higher level Visios that aren't out yet that I was thinking when my nice 61" Sammy LED DLP set in the living room finally dies, by then I should be able to get a 65" Visio...
I would agree it is probably rule of thumb but have read so many people say it like there is in fact no benefit beyond that distance. It's just not the case. You're going to know you have 4K on if it is good quality 4K considerably further back than that.
I don't buy it about not being able to tell beyond 2.3 x display height. I was in Fryes looking at new (to me) 4K demo material including motion footage and still images on a 65" Sony LCD and a 65" LG. The Sony was next to a same size 1080P Sony and part of the time I was up the aisle in the middle comparing with my eyes as best I could, back an forth between those 2 displays, 1080 on the native 1080P panel vs 1080 upscaled to 2160P next to it. At least with that...
OK please accept apology I missed reading that. My bad.
There had to be something wrong with the photos or focus on the X500. No way a decent X500 looks that soft. My 4810 looks a heck of a lot better than the softness in those pics. The (4910) should too.
I SO would not be watching that
Originally Posted by venus933 View PostThe $64,000 question seems to be how well the "P" series will upscale non UHD sources. If these sources actually look worse on the "P" series then it's a no brainer to go no further then the "M" series despite its other PQ attributes.I was in a Fryes store about 5 days ago marveling at some new 4K demo motion footage and still images on a 65" Sony and down in the corner a 70" LG. The footage and still images were fabulous. I say...
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