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You would need to buy a new receiver/processor with multiple, independently controlled, sub outputs. Most have two, but some (Denons?) have three.Jeff
^^^^ I think, between the two of us, we have answered all of the questions SubEQ HT that were asked, almost asked and asked incorrectly! Jeff
I missed part of the point also. If the implementation of XT32 does not measure the two subs together, then neither would a Pro cal on that receiver/processor. So the premise of the question was incorrect.Jeff
Remixing to a 5.1 mix requires a lot more investment than just remastering. Beyond that, enthusiasts are buying the 2-ch releases, so why would they do any more? IMO, it is the lowest of the low hanging fruit of "hi-res" releases.Jeff
If applied to all frequencies, isn't that the speaker DISTANCE control. If not applied equally, then that introduces group delay, and I'm pretty sure that that would not be good.Jeff
Bwaaahhh, that gives 'em time to add two more channels for 7.1.
Measuring each sub individually corrects that sub based on its interaction with the room. Measuring two, non-collocated subs together corrects the subs based on their interaction with the room AND EACH OTHER. This improves the performance of the subs.Jeff
And the contents of the can restores the improvements ..Jeff
lol, you could bonk GaryJ on the head with a few and still have enough!
That would be on a different thread. Anybody know if we can still post polls? I'd like one that asks members how many drives they use to store content.Jeff
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