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I'm inclined to agree with you on that point. While I have no intention to upgrade to a UHD display any time soon, UHD conent is compelling, even when downscaled to a 1080p display and compared to 1080p content.For quick demos, Youtube and Vimeo have a small but growing collection of well done clips.
For clarification, you only get five years coverage if the set is purchased at Costco. When you do this, Costco themselves double the manufacturer warranty and ST kicks in at year three. So if the set was from a different authorized retailer, you'd have one year manufacturer warranty plus three years ST for a total of four years coverage.
There are two reasons unrelated to local code to "do it by the book". First is for insurance purposes. The second is so cables across rooms do not act as a flammable path for fire to spread. Besides, rated cables are not expensive.And, yes, extension cables are not intended for permanent use.Take the angst to another thread.
Based on the NEC, yes. If your local code does not follow the NEC when it comes to in-wall applications, then you have more options. However, my point stands - Redmere cables carry no in-wall rating, just a flammability rating.
Redmere are not rated for in-wall use.
Break-in is not required for plasma panels. On its own, it serves no purpose.
I have not yet. However, I've only had mine about 2 months and still have low hours on the panel. I hadn't noticed it with BDs but after I connected it to an htpc I noticed it on light backgrounds viewing live tv. The edges aren't well defined, they're so faint. However, they're there, and look slightly darker than the background (light grey on a white screen).Due to it being largely unnoticeable, combined with the fact that it is something others are reporting, my...
Mine is actually 2 "bands", both about the same shade, but one is larger. Larger one is about an inch from the right edge, and the second smaller one is about a half inch from the left edge of the first larger one.
I considered redmere but the price and their reps pushing it over other cables got me to look elsewhere (they insisted it was in-wall rated and it's not).I ended up with BlueRigger cable which was priced well, is well-made and was very workable for a CL3 rated cable.. So to echo sawfish, you do have simpler options available.
Yeah, as it is now, I'm not about to worry about it as it's not distracting in most viewing. Seeing watttheF's recent posts about it changing give me pause but I'll have to cross that bridge should I come to it.
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