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Then, would you mind sharing what state you're located in? The only two locations who show it in stock are Duluth, GA and Las Vegas, NV but both clearly note them as display model or open box.
I just tried to see if they'd do a match at that price, and they refused, on the basis of it not being available in any stores near me, and being OOS online. Considering this appears to have never been in stock for shipping, consider yourself very lucky.
Seriously! If someone pulled off a PM at that price, congrats. It appears this is an open box/display model price, as the only two locations that show any stock list it in those conditions.
Their PMs for large items such as these would be in the form of a partial refund, unless there was some extenuating circumstance.
I've heard they've changed their protocols, but here is an example of their hard drive packaging from just a few years ago. It seemed to be most common for bare OEM drives. It took a lot of complaints before changes happened. Just do a web search on their hard drive packaging for more info.That said, they have made improvements, so should have no issues with yours. Besides, I have to think they'd give more care to a large sheet of glass than a small drive.
ST warranties purchased directly or through most retailers begin at the time of purchase. ST warranties purchased from Costco begin only after the manufacturers and store warranty ends (models bought in store receive an extra year before ST coverage applies, those bought at any other authorized retailer do not). So there is a difference, even within ST warranties, based on where you purchase them. The bottom line? Read the fine print and know what you're purchasing!
Interesting possibility for someone who has to have one. The one major question I'd have is: who is shipping this and how is it being shipped? I only bring it up because they're known for really poor packaging on fragile items (HDDs, etc), so I shudder at the thought of them sending a plasma with one of their standard carriers.
My advice - go and view a ST60 and S60 in person. I found myself looking at both models you mention. However, I found a noticeable difference with regard to banding and motion, in favor of the ST60. I also taped off both dimensions on the wall to visualize the size difference. After doing this, I decided the difference in dimension was more than made up for by better PQ on the ST60. That said, both are great values and both should work fine for that space.
Shunning gamer's concerns like you shun the search function? There is a whole thread on the topic, after it was beaten to death here.In all seriousness though, it's not an issue for most people. If it is for you, you'll have to give up some PQ in favor of an S64 or S60.
My $0.02, based on what I've read, is you should buy sooner than the holidays. Supply is not expected to be significant by then, which makes holiday pricing less likely. That said, the longer you wait the more you might see the price slide, but I'm guessing not significantly until next year at which point it'll be hard to find. So I think you'd be safe waiting a few more weeks but if you want to be sure to get one don't wait too much longer.As far as future delivery...
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