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In general I agree with you, but I'd add a caveat. If the local is using their ATSC bandwidth to multicast or datacast in addition to an HD stream, it does have a noticeable impact on picture quality. That said, it's still better than the same broadcast via satellite or cable.
No problem. It does seem that most of the locations with these still on hand are all in CA, from what I've noticed, so it sounds like you're in luck.It's very possible you could transport one of them without any issues, but it is a risk that you could damage it. I'm not surprised to hear they are stored horizontally, though that's different than being transported that way. Given their return policy, if the alternative is a 200 mile round trip, if the store is close...
Is the S64 even available in your area? The S64 can still be found in some Costco locations, but they were a limited run, so finding one in store now is the exception, not the rule. If you're interested, I wouldn't wait, if it's not already too late in your area.You may be able to get away with transporting the container face down without any issues, but I'm not sure I'd advise it either. The packing material might provide some protection, but I would not trust it to...
You may want to try again. I've heard people have success after initially being denied. That said , I've not heard of a policy of coupons being required to be listed on the website. People have matched to other retailers coupon prices even when not advertised.You can contact them prior to placing the order and only complete it once they agree to match. Call or online chat with them - you'll probably have better luck.
Code RMNTV, along with a temporary markdown, brought the price to near the EPP pricing. It appears that has since ended. That said, the code still works, for an extra $50 off.
It's certainly worth a shot, but they seem to refuse them, from what I've seen. That said, I believe the non-EPP site has the same pricing temporarily, with a coupon.
I'd be surprised if we see any of these models (save for perhaps the S60) show up as a BF special. Given that supply so far largely hasn't kept up with demand, I think many may become harder to find before the end of the year.. That said, I'm sure there will be some temporary markdowns in the coming weeks, just not much in the way of closeout pricing.Either way, I think your suggestion is apt - if you're happy with the price point, get one soon and enjoy it.
Supply on many of this year's models has been limited even before this announcement.. I think you're going to see many go OOS before they get marked down significantly.
S60 and S64 should effectively have the same black levels - they share the same panel. Don't confuse the infinite black panel with the AR filter/louver. Reflectivity I agree with though, notably from overheard light sources.
Video here and a review thread here of an earlier version - newer ones have a locking mechanism to secure the romex to the receptacle instead of the usual screws. In addition to being an option for crossing studs, they're a decent option if you want to hide power cable but want surge protection/power conditioning/UPS (and don't have a whole-house solution in place). That said, if you're not using a stand or furniture at the level of the lower receptacle, you will see...
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