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I wouldn't worry *too* much about using a digital volume control as long as your powered speakers has a gain control and you can keep your computer's audio control at 50% or more. When you use a digital volume and you reduce the volume, you are essentially reducing the number of bits of your audio, and as you decrease the resolution, you can start hearing the loss of resolution below 16 bits depending on the material. I'd say the quality loss gets obvious by the time you...
+1 his post has nothing to do with solving your problem. Changing brands of receivers is the LAST thing I'd tryI would try the bookshelf route firstHowever.....there's one interesting development in receivers that is supposed to directly address your problem. Audyssey Low Frequency Control.... http://www.audyssey.com/audio-technology/audyssey-lfcThis feature is only available on the very high end models, so I don't think it's worth itProducts that have it:...
I had been looking for a slim tower and there were a few that made my shortlist NHT Absolute Tower ($1100/pr) Cambridge Audio SL70 PSB Image T5
yeah, their plot shows about 37Hz @-6dB
I think if your primary focus is movies, the additional deep bass output of a ported sub is preferable. The SB12 is no slouch but their ported offerings will give you more punch in the critical region of 20-30Hz where you feel the sound more than you hear it.If you have a small room, two PB1000 would be all you need, but if your room is larger or it's an open space, I'd recommend the PB12 with the option of adding a second one.I recommend the SB12 if you want a decor...
The SB12 is a compact sealed sub, so it's going to have limitations in providing extremely deep bass, you'll need a much larger sub if you want to feel subsonic content below 25Hz (SVS makes plenty of those larger subs that provide lots of ultra low frequency bass below 20Hz). In a small-medium room, the SVS should still impress you with punchy clean bass for its size even with the most demanding of movies.
In Canada, the cost of buying any US vendor gets magified after you include taxes, heavy shipping fees and the inevitable brokerage fees. SVS make a solid performing subs at a great price, and supports Canadians equally as well as US customers. I would just go with an SVS for ease of service after the sale. Dealing with an authorized distributor in Canada is much less hassle than shipping an amp or driver back to the US Matching a sub with speakers is actually fairly...
I would say the Veritas would be more equivalent to the Signature S2 or S4. The Veritas were always Energy's cost no-object design. The Studios were a much cheaper line back then than the VeritasI would still take the old Veritas over any of Paradigm's current Studio line
The LFM1EX is a more powerful sub and will offer deeper extension that the PB1000. But it also costs at least $100+ more. I would say the EX is comparable to the PB12NSD. With a 2500cf room I would choose a single EX or PB12 and dual PB1000 for the 3000cf room. You certainly wouldn't go wrong with EX's as all three.
there's a huge difference in sound between the A5 and A2. A5 is a lot better. I would also recommend looking at others as well. Airmotiv is one option. There is also the Focal XS Book. Also consider Paradigm A2 I don't really like the Audioengines, they used to be a reasonable choice but there are so many newer and older competitors that give them a run for their money
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