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Here's a related article from January 2010 titled "Concern as China clamps down on rare earth exports" - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/wo...s-1855387.html
The Seahawks/Chargers pre-season game is just about to start. NFLHD network is showing it in HD. KPTV (Comcast 712) is showing the same feed cropped to 4:3 with pillar bars. Why? Is this some sort of NFL restriction?
I lost KOPB and KPTV entirely. I'm in Battle Ground, WA. I have a 10 ft. mast attached to my chimney, and a very good Channel Master UHF only antenna mounted on it. The KGW signal is weak on the meter, put I have no problems viewing it.
Yup. That's the boat I'm in. I naively believed that the VHF frequencies were being freed up for other uses.
I'm just west of Battle Ground. With the transition, I've lost OPB and KPTV. KGW reads 40 on the Hitachi 57S700's signal strength indicator. I have a very nice Channel Master UHF only antenna mounted on my roof on an 8-foot pole. It looks like I'll have to add a VHF antenna if I want receive the VHF channels. I'm currently on Comcast, so OTA is not that important at this point.
Don't take money out of your 401K. You'll be glad you let it grow later on in life. Instead, save up for what you want.
Remember a few years ago we worried about single-chip DLP and that spinning color wheel getting loose and flying out of the TV? Well just wait until that laser goes berzerk and slices your head off :-)
You do not need a box from Comcast to get HDTV. If your HDTV has a QAM HDTV tuner, you can tune-in the "in-the-clear" HDTV channels. You need a box or a cablecard from Comcast to decrypt the encrypted HDTV channels. Without a box or cablecard you should get the local broadcast HDTV channels (KATU-HD, KOIN-HD, KGW-HD, KPTV-HD, KOPB-HD, etc.)
Is there a way to make the channel up-down buttons only cycle through the channels that I subscribe to? I have the 3412 HD-DVR and Comcast. I know there is a "favorites" button, but it only surfs in one direction.
Jabba, Please take the previous comment in jest. I couldn't resist. I think that until some industry watchdog or marketing group creates criteria for a certfied logo for HD content and HD networks, the content providers will continue to use HD for marketing purposes without actually delivering quality HD content.
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