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I guess that constituted about as close to a "happy ending" as you could get for this season's story.
Finally caught the last ep on DVR. This season - to ma at least - has really gotten good. I didn't want the episode to end when Monroe's son caught trapped in the Patriot leader's office. I wanted to see how he got out of it (or not). To me the most boring part of this season is Aaron and the nanites.....although kinda like "The Stand" I assume all the story threads are supposed to come together in the end.
I agree with everyone else....a good concept, poor writing. I stuck with it through the 6.5 hours (thank goodness for DVRs - no commercials) to see how it wrapped up....and the wrap-up wasn't satisfying.
I think you're looking for the "24" thread....there's no "Jack" on this show.
I agree with the majority here......get off that freakin' island already....this season better have a blockbuster finish or we won't be viewing next season.
Totally agree....if it was me I would have picked Tyson and had a feast....screw the rest of them, because even though you fed them all, it's been shown before the tribe will tun around and vote you out the same night if they have a mind to.
Best line of the show....Monroe after slicing up a couple Patriots..."I'm Batman"
Four rounds??? What kind of shotgun are you talking about? Semi-automatics hold more than 4 rounds. Those assault jobbies the cops use do too.
Also - as someone pointed out above it looks like DVR compensation is back - I missed that feature while it was gone.
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