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CNY got the update....my Cisco boxes have the new HD guide....trusty old SA-8300HD kept the old SD guide.
Followup to above..."pull the plug reboot" seems to have worked....Monday's scheduled recordings were in the list of available shows to watch. Guess I'll have to set a reminder to "reboot" the SA8300HD at least once a month.
I see Hershel has a prosthetic leg now huh? Must be too much of a PITA to keep him in the frame on crutches always being shot from the front, hiding the raised up lower portion of his leg all the time.
Well...after a month and a half without an incident the SA-8300HD is throwing something new at me. The last time is has successfully stored a scheduled recording is last Thursday. If I go to the online web tool or even the box itself it shows me all the proper scheduled recordings in the queue. However, it missed scheduled programs for last Friday and Saturday. On Sunday night I was watching TV and saw the red "record" light was on. I switched to the "list" view and...
Only thing I can figure is he would have gone against Tyson, but Tyson popped his shoulder out the first round and wasn't able to compete any more.
hahahaha....it sure did change a lot over the course of last season!
Looks like I might have to get Tier 3 involved again....caziest thing....trying to use the web-based DVR manager....I can schedule shows for any day but Sunday....WTF? Some shows on Dunday I can select to record and the record badge occurs in the little popup window, others it doesn't, the popup window just sits there. But when I show my scheduled recordings list - there's nothing scheduled for Sunday and if I go back to the listings, the record badge is gone on the one...
Someone from Tier 3 did call me a few days after my SA8300HD guide "came back" and asked about my issue. Told her the whole story about missing Sunday/Monday data for a week then on Saturday afternoon the data appeared. She checked to see if there were any outages in my area and didn't see any....I asked her how an outage would affect 2 days worth of info and then it comes back after a while.....she didn't have a good answer. Her diagnosis after that was that the 8300HD...
It's the spot where the NSA "tap" is going to be inserted.
I'm in Rome (so I guess the Syracuse regional office). I doubt it's all the 8300HD's going bad at once, nor my signal. Over the past year and a half I've had one TW tech out to rewire my house all the way from the pole to the TVs and another tech come out when my TW distribution amp died to put in another amp and re-balance all the inernal lines. Plus I have two Cisco non-DVR boxes that are getting the guide fine. Between the 8300HD and an external 160GB drive I...
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