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Still more info....tracking the guide on the DVR box itself. On Saturday morning, the guide had listing info for Saturday, nothing for Sunday and Monday (all channels, all times say "data not available"), but then it had listings for Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, and Friday. Pulling power has not helped. Later in the day Saturday - info for Sunday appeared. I've been going back and forth with TWC on the private DSLReports forum about this and they keep responding how they're...
I can only see guide info out to this Saturday...it was the story yesterday (Wednesday) and same story today (Thursday)....so by Sunday if nothing changes, I'm screwed not only with scheduling recordings, but also trying to watch anything live (except my previously recorded list items)
A new chapter in my fun with my SA8300HD. Since my last fun with the genre-based lineups early in July (posts above) everything's been fine. But for the last 3 days I've been trying to use the online (web) DVR Manager tool and/or the iOS apps to schedule recordings for the week ahead. No go....the listings are there in the tools, but when I go to record a show, nothing happens with the online tool, and the iOS app throws an error "unable to schedule the selected...
That's the process you need to do to port a landline to Google Voice....they can't port it directly.
Looks like this show has already started on BBC - season one might already be complete on there....but from what I've read BBC is censoring out the "juicy bits" and Starz won't be....so I'm waiting for the Starz edition.
It would have made things a lot easier on everyone if Bullit had just added a few words in her voicemail "I know who it is....it's [insert name here]"
All I thought about at the end was - "he has a long walk from Boston to Charleston" (as someone said earlier).....and where did he get the pistol?
Can't wait till October.....
I also watched most of the Tour.....great finale....not sure having it at twilight was best for TV viewers, might have been more spectaculr if you were there "live". A good race overall....hopefully Froome and Quintana prove to have ridden "clean"...cycling doesn't need any more doping scandals.
On the first page of my printed bill this month is a separate page giving me a "special" offer to increase my Internet speed to the next tier for only $10/month (price good for 12 months). There's crap on there about offering it to their best customers, increased data rate for streaming media, enjoy speeds "up to 20Mbs", blah, blah, blah. So, I fire up speedtest.net and measure my download speed......I averaged 23 to 26Mbs over several tests on different days.....I'm...
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