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So can anyone tell me why Keith was on the dock waiting for Elliot's boat to come in? That awkward "meet and greet" in the wheelhouse seemed so contrived it was unbelievable.....maybe Elliot's the only captain that will still talk to Keith? Mr Wizard indeed.
Probably being 31 years old and trying to convincingly play a recent high school graduate drove him over the edge.......(too soon?)
I see we're all pretty much in agreement about Keith and the Wizard crew....I was so worked up I went to the Dicovery site to register for their forums so I could post my displeasure....but now I see they don't have discussion forums about their shows any more. I went to the DC Facebook page and Keith was getting torn a new one there at least. I also went to Keith's Twitter page and sent him a nasty 140 characters, but I see he must delete any tweets that are critical...
Read about scan lines.....although the "i" and "p" formats have the same number of pixels, the "i" (interlaced) images only contain half the scan lines of a "p" (progressive) image....that's why the "i" looks crappier.
Thanks for the clarification....I fast-forward so much through these audition shows it's easy to miss some of that stuff. It's pretty much FF until you see the first act walk out on stage, watch the act, listen to the vote, repeat the process....two hour show takes about 40 minutes to watch.
So.....who else thinks Capt Keith and the rest of the Wizard crew (especially Freddie) behaved like giant a$$holes in driving the new greenhorn off the boat? I've lost what little respect I had left for Keith and would love it if Discovery would remove his boat from any future seasons based on his failure to act as a true captain and "leader".
I don't hink it's a Las Vegas act any more.....don't they keep referring to a show at Radio City Music Hall for the winner?
I haven't watched any of this season yet, but noticed no recording in a while....is 8 eps it for this season, or are they just on a little break?
Yep...thanks for reminding me of that forum.....it was either that forum or my tweet to TWC_Help that actually got some higher level action accomplished after 10 days of "it's not an issue on our end" through the "normal" support routes.
LOL....another person old enough to remember him best as Max Headroom!
New Posts  All Forums: