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Not that it really matters any more, but I just watched the finale last night.....Rachel said the chances were "one in a billion"
I'll tell you what amazed me.....that so many people video cam themselves watching TV!
Anyone watched it yet? My wife and I are doing a marathon re-watching of Seasons 1 - 3 (we're up to the start of Season 3 now)....not looking for plot descriptions, just looking for overall opinions/reviews on Season 4.
Why can't they be making more? People re-load ammo all the time....they're just not showing you the people scavenging shell casings after a battle and melting down lead to re-load them.
Got my letter from TWC telling me about the "NEW and IMPROVED" genre-based channel numbering......it took me years to memorize where my favorite HD channels were (in the 800's), now the 800's are the Latino genre (I think - don't have the letter in front of me - but it's definitely not the HD tier any more) - sigh.
Yep...be good to get some type of "closure"
Only a three hour train ride....not that big a chunk.
I agree with the above....also - didn't the "final tally" run over by about 10 minutes? So they really only had 50 minutes instead of 60 for the reunion? If they had 10 more minutes they could have shown us the band at least
You and me both....I kept saying "f**k them - go get your bar-b-que"Sherri is a real good liar.....at TC "oh yeah, Brenda's like a saint now, no one can do anything against her for a while".....boom.....writes down "Brenda"Gotta admit - it was a classic blindside
Her silence meant that she didn't order it...and then Tyrion understood it was Joffrey that ordered the hit on him....thus the further discussion about how stupid it was, how Joffrey could have just had someone poison him, but he ordered someone from the Kingsguard to kill the Hand of the King out in a wide open field of battle. Cersie didn't order the hit, but she knew it was ordered and who did it.
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