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Thanks for the update Ben....at first I thought I was getting really bad with my eye hand coordination coming out of an x3 FF....turns out it was TW's doing.
Maybe they did rock paper scissors to see which team went first and the purple team won?
Because the SWAT "Team" they had with them looked like it was only two people! Quite a "team"
Thanks for that spoiler - with the accent I wasn't quite sure what the dad said.
Didn't see a thread for this, so thought I'd start one. Anyone watching? I watched the first episode (have the 2nd DVR'd) and it's kinda strange. Starting off a little like "The Killing" but with some real eccentric characters. As is the Sundance custom, no censoring, f-bombs and nakedness (although fleeting) abound.
She wasn't asking why Raylan didn't shoot first.....she was asking why the marshall in this ep of The Following didn't shoot first.
I flashed back to the first Indiana Jones movie where the guy was showing off all his fancy sword moves, Indy pulls out his pistol and shoots him.
I can't remember where Raylan was, but Bob was sitting down off to the side of the door....I don't think either were directly behind it like the idiot marshall in this episode. As many pointed out already - this was a "facepalm" moment.....my wife asked "why didn't the marshall open fire through the door first when he heard the keycard - he knew those guys were right there"
Thanks to all.....I padded the end by two minutes from here on out
Haha....actually out of bananas.....used to shatter rubber balls too....and breathe "fire" .......ahhh the good old days
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