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Some help please.....my DVR cut off when Nick was going all Skywalker on the paint balloons....did I miss anything important after that? PS - WTF is wrong with NBC going long and not telling the guide people - I hate having to pad show endings
Wait until TWC offers $99 triple play and a $200 Visa card to sign up....that should put a dent in the cancel fee.
Yeah....the wife noticed it right away...."Geez Nick - you're puttin on some weight" were her words to the TV,PS....that little bit of liquid nitrogen the reunion organizer got dropped on her and magically went down her throat would have never caused the burn in her stomach....she would have had to guzzle some for that to happen....and she would have likely passed out before she could drink that much....in my early career we had a scanning electron microscope cooled by LN...
I really thought Ava was going to "light him up" before she left......
Yeah....isn't it interesting how both teams ended up 4 - 3 favorites to fans ratio? Would have been much more interesting if one was stacked with a fan majority (the one with Philip on it!).
Mel Brooks?
Of course I realized he was cheating.....but if you're going to cheat you shouldn't make it so obvious.....it's like cheating at blackjack and making your hand come up 21 every single time....you gotta let the house win a little bit or it won't take long to get ou bounced out the door.
Couple decent moments this time....Hardy shooting the blond before she finishes her sentence, and talking to Joe "Sorry about your folks - they're kinda.......dead".....and although it took the rest of the Feebs a long time to find Hardy in the "house of plastic" at least they got there this time before it was all over.
I liked the effect of the torched pit....looking in at the zombies that weren't burned up "real good" still laying there going "nom....nom...nom"
YEah....an otherwise pretty well written show, but him pulling a nine every time was a little ridiculous.
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