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Thanks Adam. I'll read up on those experiences. Rob.
I knew the Z2 would have its champions ! Due to room size I will probably go with a small 72"x40.5" grey screen ~ 80" wide max and the projector will be shelf mounted. At that size screen I don't expect to see screendoor from the Z2. Also the DVI input would be a bonus. Decisions, decisions. Rob.
Thanks for the input guys. It seems DLP and the Z9000 is the way to go. Even though it's dimmer than than the newer HD2 machines I imagine light ouput would be at least as good as my old NEC, probably better.
I'm moving back to the UK next month and with the week dollar it makes sense to get a new digital FP here and now. I'll risk warranty issues and ship the unit back to the US if necessary. Anyway, my previous FP was a NEC 9PG+ CRT projector driven by my HTPC at 1280x720@72hz. I couldn't have been happier with the image in a totally dark room and will continue to use the new FP only in a dark environment. With a $3000 budget for the projector, I'm looking at the Sanyo Z2...
Yeh, I've got a quote from them. I'll check to see if they have a demo room. Let you know.
Hi. Does anyone know of a dealer with the Z2 set up for demo in Orange Co. CA ? Christmas is over, now it's my turn ! ;) Rob.
I was totally committed to the Sanyo Z2, then I saw new Z9000s cropping up for $3500. Now I too am wondering if this early HD DLP is the way to go ? Eric, could you PM your source for $2800? At that price I think I'd jump in. Rob.
Could someone tell me the maximum power consumption on each of these receivers ? I need to know, so that I get the right power conditioner that will handle the complete system. Thanks, Rob.:D
I guess there is no problem ! Are all you Z2 owners happy with the lip sync ? Rob.
I'm on the verge of ordering the Sanyo Z2, to replace my NEC 9PG+ CRT projector. There's been some talk about lip sync problems with digital projectors and I need to know if I should be looking for a new receiver with audio delay. The video and audio source will be my HTPC. Anyone care to comment. Cheers, Rob.
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