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Nice HT!!! Good job! BTW, wasn't it difficult centering and leveling the projector on that wooden ceiling mount?
Rodrigo, Cool set-up dude! Cheers - Sonny B.
Walter, I'm using a Pioneer 535K. It's hooked up to the iScan via a 25" S-Video cable. The iScan in turn is hooked up to the LT150 via standard VGA cable (pins 13 and 14 have been disconnected).
Walter, I have an LT150 and a 1.85:1 screen. When I first got my projector, I used the projector's Native Mode to do just what you want. Set Aspect Ratio = Normal and Resolution = Native. The 4:3 image will now be projected in the center (more or less) of a 16:9 screen. However, I believe the Aspect Ratio control is not active when in RGB mode. Another option is to use an external scaler like the iScan Pro/Plus V.2. I now use an iScan Plus V.2 which has a...
Jeffrey/Ron, Once you've installed the tape, please tell us the following: 1. How good is it at absorbing the light spill? 2. How easy is it to apply the tape to a particular surface (i.e. wood, blockout fabric or whatever material you use for borders and masking panels)? 3. How does it look once installed? Does it have a "professional finish" (i.e. Stewart's Velux fabric)? Thanks again. - Sonny B.
centaur, I'm currently using black felt paper (real cheap) as border for my DIY screen and it looks nice...soaks up the light spill pretty well. However, the felt paper I got was only available in sheets of 22"x28" so I had to use several sheets to cover the 6" border (thick cardboard) of my 80"x43" (1.85:1) screen. It would have been nice if the felt paper was available in longer lengths...the border would probably look more professional. Ron/Jeffrey, I checked...
Petey, That's a nice screen set-up you have. Just wondering about a few things though... 1. Isn't it possible to pull down the screen to just the bottom edge of a 1.85:1 image (upper edge of your lower mask) in order to do away with the bottom masking panel? Or can the screen be lowered only at certain fixed intervals? 2. Don't you experience wrinkles in your screen? Doesn't the velcro attached to the screen have any effect when the fabric is rolled back to...
Jude, I tried to search for information on your projector and turned up empty. I finally tried searching over here and what do you know, I find your post. :) Anyway, let's just hope someone else has the information you require. There's a lot of talent and experience in this board so I'm sure we'll find something. I already sent you a PM regarding the info you requested on the screen. I actually found most of those information in the AVS Screen Forum. Do a...
Would an ISF calibration be necessary for the LT150? I was wondering if anyone has done this and if the results were worthwhile as in the 10HT. I was intending to start a thread on this until I stumbled upon these posts. Hope it's not off-topic since the subject mentions a Sony 10HT. Tnx - Sonny B.
Hey Halcy, what happened to your LT150? You said it blew up? How did this come about? Is this something other LT150 owners should worry about? Just curious... Tnx.
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