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I also find FF/Rew pretty much unusable. Skip fwd/back has been requested forever and I'm not sure why it is so difficult to add.
This definitely seems like a mastering/encoding issue since I have the same audio glitch problems with my Sony Blu-ray player playing the disk and my WD TV Live box playing an MKV with the TrueHD track. With the WD player I can switch to the DD core audio track and while there are still audio blips it doesn't cause serious ongoing audio issues like with the blu-ray player (where most sound goes to the rear channels after some blips). I returned the original disk thinking...
Well, that's too bad. The next/previous buttons (when the file contains no chapters) would work. Otherwise, it seems the Next/Previous Page buttons and the colored buttons are all available during playback.
I take it that they didn't sneak this in the recent firmware update?On a different note, does this player allow resume for DLNA video or does playback start over every time? Thanks.
Were the skip forward/back skip times ever made configurable?
Any chance they added a skip forward and backward a few seconds feature "under the radar" like they did with the chapter skip? That is, during playback a remote control button that would skip forward 30s (hopefully configurable) and a different one to skip back? It has been a longstanding request that would make watching TV recordings much easier.
Mine still works. Are you sure you have disabled hibernate in Windows?
I upgraded to Win 8.1 and my MCE remote no longer seems to control the Windows 8 Netflix app (play,pause,stop). Anyone else notice this?
So, what kind of subtitles are supported via DLNA and is there a way to convert PGS subtitles without a re-encode?
Has anyone had any luck with PGS subtitles in MKV over DLNA? I see the subtitle icon but when I turn them on they are never displayed. I have confirmed that they display properly when playing the same MKV on my PC.
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