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Of course it is and I'm sure they will just let me do an even swap with my 3 590s .
I tried that but there is a bug in these players (which I think you may have confirmed for me a while ago) where if the .m2ts has any codec other than MPEG2 then it fails to play if playback is initiated from a DLNA controller (but plays fine when initiated from the player's menu). I reported this bug to Sony months ago through email and their support forum but unfortunately they probably filed this in the trash bin along with my DLNA improvement suggestions.
I don't need and am not asking for "eye candy". There is no need to complicate things with another device. All I need is a simple thumbnail so that my (little) kids can easily pick out a movie to watch from the cover image. The thumbnail is already supplied by the server and there already is a placeholder for the thumbnail in the list and they already do this for photos so I don't think this is an unreasonable request. But, it seems like Sony agrees with you.Resume is...
Thanks, that's the same one I've been looking at. I guess I will just contact the manufacturer to make sure.
Of course there are specialized players out there that cost 3 times as much. My point is that since the wide codec playback capabilities are already there for these players then why wouldn't they do these minor tweaks to make them a little more useable and have it all in one box? I guess they have the same opinion as you guys where DLNA was just thrown in there for marketing but they don't expect anyone to really use it and to buy one of these expensive specialized...
I find it so frustrating that these players support most all of the desired audio and video codecs via DLNA but Sony refuses to do some minor usability tweaks to make them truly great DLNA media players. I can't imagine if they actually tried to use/test their players with DLNA they would think that it would be useful to have a long list of video titles all with the same generic video icon. Just show the thumbnail that is already supplied by the server! A resume point...
I have one of the original Intermatic HA22 ZWave USB sticks but was never able to get it to work with Windows 7 x64 (never found appropriate drivers). I have been looking at the Aeotec Z-Stick but there seems to be no indication what OS it is compatible with. Does anyone know if it will work with Windows 8 x64 or have another recommendation (would like to keep it under $100). Thanks.
The Sony BDP-S590 (and probably newer Sony players) supports all HD Audio via DLNA in an M2TS container.
Of course I just installed the Netflix update today that now brings profiles to the Win 8 app . Now if they could just make it more remote friendly we would be all set...
Has anyone heard their plans to add profiles to the Netflix Win 8 app? What's the holdup?
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