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Hi again - A related question, For new construction for the walls and doors, any recommendations for a source of materials that my builder can access easily? They don't seem to have much experience with this. Thanks, Horton
Dan The media/family room will share one wall with the main house. I think you are right about the walls being much more important than the foundation. Any other opinions? Thanks, Horton
Hi - We are building a new house with a separate media room. Is it a good idea to put isolation between the foundation for this separate room and the foundation for the rest of the house? Any sources of information on foundation techniques? Ground breaking is today so I need to settle on this quickly! Cheers, Horton
Hi again. I have a feeling the best way to get the local stations in gear is to get their advertisers talking to them about HD. When you buy a car or visit an advertiser let them know their product will look great in HD! Ask them to let the stations know they are interested. Cheers, Horton
As far as KRQE, we also need to thank them for having HD at all. I just called and thanked them for the Masters coverage in HD and the receptionist was very appreciative of the comments. Horton
Hello Yes, my family really enjoyed the show. With all these new shows in 720P I am going to have to think about a native rate display! The emotional content of the expressions was terrific. Horton
Hello everyone I am now getting KNME again after about 6 months without a signal. I received their initial broadcasts but lost the signal for a long time. I am getting about 80% on my Dish receiver. The image, however, keeps breaking up about every 5 seconds. Anyone else see this? I live near the airport and have a rooftop antena pointed at the crest. Horton
The super bowl was fun, although the various glitches still suggest that ABC still needs a better production effort for HDTV. My DISH receiver caused the clock to be cut off with less than 50% visible. The switching between SD and HD were anoying to me, and near the end of the game there were several minute-long breakups. My guests were certainly impressed, and one will be getting a tuner for his new digital TV soon. The movie trailers in full HD and 5.1 sound were...
Jim Thanks for all your work. The tigers on PBS the other day were spectacular! Horton
Below is the reply to my nice e-mail to Mr. Trambley. What a pleasure to have people respond rapidly! Did anyone else have this problem with the 6th Sense, or was I halucinating? I suspect the engineer switched to the west coast feed sometime Saturday night. Horton "Dear Dr. Newsom: I discussed your email with the chief engineer. KOAT-DT is airing ABC's East Coast Feed live at 6:00-9:00pm (local time) except on Sundays when it is live at 5:00-9:00pm (local...
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