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I asked the manager of the Sony store in Palo Alto to look into it. He called me back today to report that he had received emails from the Japanese and American product managers and that the American, European/UK, and Japanese models all use the same display but not the same marketing materials...
New Zealand and Australia Sony websites do use the term Triluminos in their listings. I am more than a little skeptical over this question as to whether or not the North American version has the same OLED panels and processing as the Japan (and now Aussie/Kiwi) version. Paging Bravia3D: Can you back up this claim with some objective evidence that North America was issued an outdated and inferior OLED compared to the current Japan model? Can AVS check with the Sony people...
Yes, the 24 bit Apple USB files. Try this: Your laptop--JRiver Jukebox (free) or Media Center using asio for bit perfect output--E-MUo4o4USB DAC with headphone amplifier (~$150)--your headphones of choice (I am using the Westone UM3x). Oh my...
The sound of the USB remasters easily bests the remastered CDs. Highly recommended.
Greetings Manisiutkin, As I discussed above, there does not seem to be any program that allows Foobar to output high resolution asio bit-streams from the TS Video layer of DVDs. There are many high rez audio DVDs that do not use MLP at all, and instead contain 24 bit/96KHz audio data on the video layer. So might it be possible for you to further tinker with your fine program in order to allow Foobar2000 playback of high rez audio files from the TS Video layer?
Downloaded the plug in. Thank you! Finally, 24/192 asio to the E-MU 0404! But no playback of 24/96 from the DVD video layer with this. Is there another program or plug in that allows 24/96 asio output from non-MLP DVD video layered discs like the DADs from Classic Records, etc?
Do these new Sony camcorders shoot in 24p? If not, what does it give up to the equivalent Canons?
From where was the movie recorded-cable or satellite?
Still need to know... Thanks.
Very good news! Three remaining questions: 1. Will the Mits HD-6000 and the LG3410a talk to each other over firewire, and can content from each DVR's harddrive be transferred to the other? 2. Are there any simple editing features on the HD-6000 as are present on the LG 3410a? 3. Any luck replacing the harddrive on the HD-6000 with a larger GB drive? This is a snap on the LG.
New Posts  All Forums: