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Thanks for looking into this, Jeff. I have the surround sound in the living room right now, but I don't want to make that into a theater room. It really wouldn't work out well anyway. The only other option would be the basement, but with the pipes, sprinkler system, and heating system spread all over the place, in addition to the shape of the basement, I'm not sure that would work either. You confirmed my suspicions that the bonus room probably wouldn't work for what I...
Thanks for the suggestions so far. All the feedback is appreciated. Devotech, nice room! Where are the stairs? What are the dimensions of the room? Jeff, the stud spacing is indeed 16". I've attached a quick sketch of the floor layout. Let me know if you need additional details.
I bought a new house last year, and I've been getting the itch to turn the bonus room on the third floor into a dedicated theater. However, I'm not sure if the room layout is set up in such a way that it would work out well. My main concern is that the stairs leading into the room are in the middle of the floor. I'm not sure if it's realistic to still have a handrail and not have a wall that would block the view/sound. I'd want to do front projection and have the screen at...
Have fun if you have to call them. I wanted to downgrade mine , since I use once every three months or so. After being hassled to keep it or transfer the payment to a relative, the lady on the phone said it was cancelled, and I would be issued a refund within 72 hours. A week later, my card still had not been refunded. This ordeal went on for a month before I finally got refunded. As such, I will go with a 12 month card if I decide to ever get a gold account again.
I think moving the DVD drive off the top of the GPU heatsink alone would make huge strides in longevity.
That's part of the reason I want one.
That doesn't change the fact that there are still problems. Also, every 360 out there isn't a 65 nm. (in reference to flood222's statement)
This isn't guaranteed to come out, but I'm still excited about this. I've been looking for a new case to come out for ages! http://www.bit-tech.net/news/2008/01...x_360_owners/1
I figured this might be a good place to ask on the forums since it gets many views from people that have a bunch of gaming stuff. I have a Hanns-G 22" Widescreen monitor that I use for everything because I don't ever use my projector anymore. I want to be able to hook the following up: DVI/HDMI - PC, 360 Elite Component - PS3, MyHD, Xbox, Gamecube into an AA1154 The problem is that the monitor only accepts component over the DVI input. I'd like to be able to hook up...
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