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[quote=Samimax]if you have been hesitating whether to buy this unit hesitate no more. /QUOTE] I wish I could actually see one of these here in Montreal! I think I'm going to bite the bullet and order one sight-unseen (from a place with a good return policy). My only worry is the blacks. I'm a fanatic for rich, inky blacks. I've heard that the AX-100 has better-than-average blacks for an LCD unit, but I'm having a hrd time visualizing what that would mean. How have you...
Thanks for the feedback, guys. The projector I'm going to get will be the Panny PT-AX100, whichh has a very quiet fan. The new JVC DLA-RS1 sounds very tempting as well, but who knows when it will be available? I might wait a bit longer just in case, as the increased contrast ratio could make a huge difference when it comes to inky blacks. An SMX screen could be very interesting, but I wouldn't want to cut-down on the currently available seating distance, which...
Okay, I'm soon to take the big leap! I would like to get peoples' thoughts on the room I've got for this (see attached pic). No way can I hope to emulate anything as extravagant as some of the truly amazing rooms I've seen here, as I can only spend up to 1K on supplies / materials (not including the screen, of course), but I'm hoping to design something cinematic and warm just the same, involving just the right kind of paint job and a few strategically-placed mouldings,...
I'm having the same issue, to the point where there is an ever-so-slight lip synch problem. Does anyone know a work-around here?
Could this be less about the resolution and more about the fact that by sending 1080i to the PJ, you're letting the PJ do the de-interlacing, instead of the dvd player?
Really?! So, if I went for broke and got say, a 110 inch screen, I can safely depend on upconverted SD DVD looking great? I can't believe how far front projection tech has come since the last time I was looking into it (circa late 90's). This is amazing!
Wow, that's amazing! Thanks! Do you find the image is still sharp and well defined from such a distance?
Could anyone tell me how the AX100 would fare on a 106 inch screen with SD DVD material (via upconverted dvd player) at a sitting disance of approx 14 feet? Should I be looking at a smaller screen if I plan to watch a lot of upconverted SD DVD?
Thanks so much for those links! I guess the big question is, if I go with a 106 inch screen and sit roughly 13 feet away from it, would I be likely to see a distinct benefit from the AE 1000 as opposed to the AX1000?
I'm with all of you on that philosophy. As I mentioned in my post at the head of this thread, I realize one can fall into the trap of always waiting for the next thing and never end up enjoying the tech that's out there. My question regarding DVI-3 is because I've been told there wold be great colour spectrum enhancements with the new output, and since DVI-3 is supposed to be arriving within the next two months... Believe me, if it was a year or further in the future,...
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