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Really sucks because I love my 2000 and was hoping to buy an even better version of it with the bonus of 3D projection capabilities.
Me too. I wonder why they would have changed such a well-performing system? The only benefit that I know of is the sealed light path, which I believe eliminates the dust blob issue, but everything else seems to be a major step backwards. If the new iris is causing visible hot spots / lighting unevenness that's no small thing.
Shoot. I wonder if the 8000 might solve this? They haven't changed the iris system for the new PJ, have they?
Shoot, this is not very encouraging. I'd go for an RS45 but I hear terrible things about bulb life and 3D imaging quality. I definitely don't want to buy the 7000 if there's a likelihood that it won't be as sharp / detailed as my AE2000 is.
It would be an $ 800 difference in price between the two, that's why I'm thinking of going for the soon-to-be older model instead. Question: I've read some reports that the new iris creates brightness pulses whenever an image shifts in lighting extremes (which the 2000 doesn't do), similar to what some LED tv sets do. Have you guys find this to be the case? Also have heard that the new iris system creates uneven patches on all 4 corners of the screen.
I'm strongly considering upgrading to an AE7000. I've been using (and loving) an AE2000 since it came out and I'm ready to take things to the next level. Two questions: Will the AE7000U be able to produce a pleasing 3D image on a 133-inch screen? -I've read several posts complaining of an inability to get the AE7000 to produce a sharp, focussed image. I've had no such issues with my AE2000, and I can't imagine the newer machine producing a less detailed / focussed image...
I continue to be amazed by my now 5-year-old (!) Panasonic pj. Main reason to upgrade will be for brighter and sharper image, better contrast and - of course - 3D. Between the Panny AE7000 and the JVC RS45, which would be my best bet? Also, I've read some review of the 7000 claiming that its image isn't particularly sharp. This strikes me as odd since my 2000 produces razor sharp image, to such a degree that it can faithfully reproduce the grain structure of various...
So it can actually be run without battery while I wait for the new one? I hadn't realized that!
K, thanks.
Update: the machine has been powered down (turned off) since last night, just to be safe, and the alarm went off again just now, in spite of the unit being turned off (but not unplugged)! Should I just remove the battery now and leave the unit empty and unplugged until I can get a replacement?
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