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Could someone tell me how wide the stand is on the d8000?
Could someone tell me how wide the stand is on the UN55D7000?
Can't seem to find this info anywhere.
I've been told that the picture quality between the 6000 and 7000 series units are identical, the only difference being related to widgets and some smart tv-related features/ Is this the case? Also, could someone tell me how wide the spider leg stand on the 7000 is?
Am currently using a Samsung UN46B7000 as my living room display and while I think it's mostly a phenomenal unit, it exhibits extreme flashlighting when viewed in complete darkness. To an extent where the end credits of a film - when it's white text scrolling against a black background - look vaguely splotchy. I'm considering upgrading the unit for a 55-inch 3D model, and am ready to sacrifice brightness and go with a plasma unless LED tech has improved the...
This will sound silly at first, but I'm looking to get a proper 3D-capable display and will either be upgrading my basement front projection setup (currently a Panasonic PT-AE2000U) or my living room large screen setup (currently a Samsung LED). If I opt for the living room upgrade, I'd be getting a 55-inch Panasonic plasma. If I upgrade the basement projector upgrade, I'd get the Panasonic AE7000. No question, overall a front projection setup is preferable in almost...
Flash question: is there any reason to even consider getting a pair of 703s if a pair of N804s (not 804s) could be had for just several hundred dollars more? An interesting opportunity just came up! Also, are the newer 804S easier to drive than the original nautilus 804 or are they more or less the same in that dept? I'm very excited about all of this. BTW, thanks a bunch for your feedback, pbarach. Your in-person impressions on the black finish on there cabinetry mirror...
This will sound like a silly question perhaps, but do the B&W 703's in black look better in person than they look online? I've been planning to get a used pair in either Cherry or Rosewood, but I'm getting a terrific offer for a used pair in black. These would be placed in my living room where there is black leather furniture, so it's not like it would be out of place to have black speakers, it's just that online, the black versions of the 703s strike me as looking...
No. I guess I'll have to. Is there a PS3 specific number to call for Canada?
Yes, I did. No luck. Nothing seems to work.
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