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My BoxMe files are the same size as my pre-BoxMe files. There are lots of options on the overlay conversion to fine tune this, but the speed for me on the A110 is more than fine.
As I mentioned earlier, you need to modify BoxMe to get it fine tuned. But it's fairly easy to:1) Adjust the size of the produced images to be the same as you had before2) Modify BoxMe to do a proper incremental build3) Modify BoxMe to be called from your YAMJ script4) Further modify BoxMe to optimize thumb generation (I didn't do this much, as reducing the ~1-2MB of data shouldn't have an appreciable impact on download time over the 100Mb port of the A110).In the end,...
I've been running that in all my A110's for a few months, and they work great. The only reason I did this was to get resume-play features, but it's worth it I think.Make sure you get one that is known to work though. I went through a couple that didn't work at all, so wasted money on them. And I couldn't find one to work on the C200 (at the time it came out), so a laptop drive might make more sense there, or a USB stick.
What the heck are you using? BoxMe does this at publish time, which is the only way that makes any sense.(And if you've been dealing with HTML for that long, you'd know this...)
No it's not. It modifies all the thumbnails to include the box *at publish time*.It's not layering it on at run-time, it's doing it at publish time. YAMJ is publish only, it's not running when you're browsing.I've been doing box covers for a few days now, and modifying it quite a bit. Trust me.
The box covers will have no impact on this. They result in the same image files as before, generated at the time you publish the YAMJ files. The fact that it has some blue on it now won't make it any slower or faster.If you're seeing a difference in speed, it is either a placebo effect, or something else is causing it. But it's not that the images now include box covers.
Because the C200/A200 won't play the HD audio from an M2TS/TS file. Only from an ISO.
I do. It's great, and the dev is very responsive to bug reports.I've been using it to pre-build all my NFO files over the last few days. It's really good, and well worth the donation (IMO). And it makes creating sets SUPER easy. So I have finally created sets for: James Bond, Disney Princess, Barbie, Indiana Jones, Star Trek, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Alien, Predator, and on and on...
Sounds like a typical problem with the rip. Try re-ripping from the disc again. What are you using to rip?
Thanks - that worked for transparency.And that's not the path anymore... there's a whole directory level beneath pictures. You must have an old YAMJ/skin build?
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