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First, you need to decide you want a media server, and you'll put *all* your media on that server. This includes ripping all your DVD's, all your CD's, putting all your photos on it, and all your home video on it.XBMC:- Stream any movie, of pretty much any format- Play any DVD rip, including menus- Play any music, of any format, including playlists, etc.- Show any picture of any formatThat's all fantastic, and there's nothing that comes close to XBMC in terms of formats...
The SB has it's place. I have 5 XBMC's (one for each main TV), and also a SB in 3 of the rooms (the rooms with full A/V setups, not including the HT).For non-HT use, the SB is great for whole-house audio (no video). So streaming Rhapsody or Sirius or your own music throughout the house, controlled from one (or more) locations, without turning on a TV.Totally different use-cases, and very useful on it's own.
Or a much better solution - 3) Get a Tivo HD and dump the crappy Comcast DVR.Seems a shame to use a second-rate component like the Moto/SA box when you could have a much better overall experience with a Tivo HD.And the Tivo supports full Native (480i as 480i, 720p as 720p, 1080i as 1080i), and has no issues with the D2v on any resolution or resolution switch.
+100There's nothing that comes close to XBMC on an XBox1 for SD content.Sadly, it's not even close to the task of HD content (e.g. BD ISO's). And the new cross-platform XBMC build is just not in the same league as the XBox1 system (as of the last beta build I tested, at least).To get something comparable that plays HD source content, you have to cobble together a HTPC for at least 5x the price, and about 1/5th the usability and stability.
From monoprice. No issue with image quality at all (i.e. no sparklies or handshake delays).I use them on everything, including all my D2v HDMI runs (from 3-feet to 35-feet), and on my other rooms HDMI runs (from 50-feet to 131-feet).So the port-savers (or "whips" as I tend to call them) cause no image issues on HDMI from 3-feet to 131-feet.
But the D2v is deinterlacing the 1080i content, isn't it? (If he has output set to 1080p)I've noticed a substantial visual improvement in 1080i content since I got the D2v. I have a Sony Black Pearl (VW60), which is supposed to be pretty good at 1080i->p on it's own, but the D2v is leagues better.Also, does the VP in the D2v do something special with motion blur? It seems like motion blur is less noticable, but perhaps that's just a placebo effect for me, perhaps...
And a better pre-pro...
Until you upgrade... And you should know better than to listen to a dealer. Go listen to them for yourself.I'm a little surprised a dealer would say that to you. He should always say "let your ears decide - come in and listen". Everyone's ears are different.Also, it's not just about the frequency range, it's also about being sized right for the room.
For that size room? I would say definitely. You'll really appreciate the rear directional sound a lot more, IMO.I went from the Sig 1's to the Sig 2's (Sig ADP3's for my sides), and the improvement in rear directional sound (for movies and some good TV shows) was significant.But you also desparately need to upgrade the pre-pro and amp (I think you said you had a 4808?). That Denon is just not even close to enough to really make that room shine. But that can wait, you...
Did you unplug the amp, or just turn it off? Try completely unplugging it to continue to isolate the problem.There's lots of diagnostics you can do:- Swap another amp in- Connect a source device (like an iPod or DVD player) directly to one channel on the amp- Unplug all the speakers (at the amp) and plug them in one at a time- Unplug all the interconnects (at the amp) and plug them in one at a timeEtc, etc.
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