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Go into menu then setup (manual speakers). Then set your speakers as small. Then move down to the crossover and pick 40hz or what ever crossover you want to try.Brad
Beautiful Daniel. I bet we don't here from you for a while Brad
I had the above static type of sound happen with my L/R channels a few years ago (before I upgraded) it hasn't happened since. Brad
Looks good. You will have many years of enjoyment. Brad
Thanks Jonathan,I joined about a year ago. The first thing I read was your Audyssey guide and it was very helpful. Also I love you center SL3, a labor of love and it sounds like it was worth the effort.Brad
George,Just the small power button on the right of the standy by button. Have you done a hard reset? Its worth a try. Dont forget to use theweb interface and save you settings.Brad
Hi GeorgeFor me it was just a hiss coming out of one of the front channels. Power cycle fixed it for me. You could do a hard reset and see if that helps (use the web interface and backup your setting first). At least this way you can elminate the AVP one way or the other.Brad
This happened to me once. The fix was simple, I power cycled the AVP and that fixed it. You might want to try a power cycle.Brad
Sold. Thanks Craig. Brad
PM sent
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