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Glad you figured it out... what was the fix? ...Glenn
saw2814,NOTE: When things get wonky on a Denon I think it is a good idea to try a SOFT reset FIRST by just unplugging the unit from the AC power and then waiting 30 seconds or so and then replug back in and power back up. This alone can sometimes resolve some issues. If that does not work you can then try the HARD Microprocesor reset.The following information for Resetting the Denon X4000 back to Factory Settings (Microprocessor Reset) can be found in the Owners Manual...
Chris, I have sent you a PM! ...Glenn
Chris,Does the UF have more gain than the 4K material?How does the UF gain compare to the XD material? Thanks!...Glenn
" they held up to same standards as our screens do. they had to be strong , they had be easy to use,and they had to look slick "Nice... And relatively affordable to boot! Keep up the great work Rich and I wish you great success!...Glenn
You only live once... Enjoy!....... (Glenn) ...Glenn
^^^Contact AVS sales guy Mike Garrett at 585-671-2968 to see what he can do for you. Tell him that Glenn sent you! ...Glenn
Hosed, Nah!We just have to think outside the box and get a bit creative... Where there is a will there is a way!The easiiest and simplest way would be to use the current attachment points which would be the existing snaps. You could take some non streching material and create a very short tab that would have a snap button on one end and a grommet right next to the snap button on the other end and use the appropriate sized O-Ring to attach to an O-Ring installed on the...
Here are some links to the Falcon and Seymour Post / Grommet / O-ring mounting systems. Looks like they utilize some blind nuts that slide along the extrusion for variable adjustability to mount the bolt posts. http://www.falconscreens.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Falcon-Vision-HD-Screen-Install.pdf http://www.seymourav.com/screensfixedoring.asp http://www.seymourav.com/screensfixedjump.asp ...Glenn
Nathan,Just a thought!I understand that Stewart utilizes the snap system for the attachment of their screens to the frame. Are those snaps on the frame attached with screws?I was thinking that if screws are used to attach the snaps, just maybe you could remove them and replace them with bolts or screws and then utilize the post / o-ring / grommet system like Falcon and Seymour uses.The Seymour and Falcon screen mounting system is nice because it evenly tensions the screen...
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