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Not anymore -- we lost them a few months back.
At the time I'm posting this, it's back for OTA.
I've just tuned in TVO on my Samsung set's built-in tuner -- no problem.
Can the converter boxes measure the signal strength of each channel? If not, can you hook up a box that can measure the signal strength?
Is the antenna pointed towards Southfield? That's the first step. Now are 4.1 and 4.2 the only stations that she's lost?
Just learned that WTVS is changing its 56.2 subchannel into something called WORLD: http://worldchannel.org. The e-mail from DPTV says "We invite you to watch WORLD, a 24/7 channel beginning January 6th on Detroit Public TV, digital 56.2 (Comcast Channel 287, BrightHouse 155, and Charter 432). On WORLD you'll see PBS favorites such as Nova, Frontline, and Independent Lens, along with DPTV productions like MiWeek, American Black Journal, and many others." UPDATE: It...
As a resident of Westland myself, I concur with that. Baldontop, I'm halfway between Warren and Ford on the Central City Parkway and have a Silver Sensor antenna (and a pair of rabbit ears for channels 2 and 9) oriented to the northeast. This gives me the main locals pretty well. On rare occasions, I've received channel 13 from Toledo, even though I'm not oriented for it.Given your site limitations and the limits set by your mom, reliable reception of Flint and Toledo will...
I don't recall getting the letter in Westland, but the encryption has happened here. All of the channels on QAM are gone
I believe they have been doing just that. I've seen bits and pieces of other SEC games on there as I've been flipping through the OTA channels.
This may be germane, if Aereo is able to supply HD-quality images -- Aereo is coming to Detroit: http://www.tvpredictions.com/aereo101813.htm
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