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Comcast/Xfinity's own guide, as well as its iOS app, is showing the 1000-series numbers, but TV Guide's data isn't. Until TV Guide starts carrying that data, my EyeTV setup can't use it.
I was about to say that I'd seen no indication of any major lineup change like that in Westland -- there was no mention of that in my bill. But I took a look for myself, and there they are.
TBS HD was fine in Westland this morning.
I've just noticed that WMYD has started carrying COZI TV on subchannel 20.2. This is another nostalgia-TV channel; I think it started on the NBC O&O stations last fall. I first saw it in DC while on vacation there. But the image on 20.2 seems terribly washed out, as if the contrast control were turned way down.
Well, for starters, where are you located? I'm in Westland, and I use a pair of rabbit ears for VHF in conjunction with a Silver Sensor UHF antenna pointed in the general direction of Southfield, and I'm able to get all of the main stations in the area. My antennas are on the second floor of my condo and don't rotate, so anything on UHF not in line with the direction they're pointing isn't received. For example, iON TV on virtual 31 never came in well for me until it...
FYI, WTVS 56.2 will be carrying special programming on Monday Feb. 4: the Day of Courage observance from the Henry Ford Museum, in honor of Rosa Parks' 100th birthday.
18.2 is 1080i, IIRC (18.1 is 480i, so this is an oddball setup).
WXYZ has devoted subchannel 7.2 to local election results this evening, it appears. EDIT: It's the same content as WXYZ's election webcast.
TV Guide's service for EyeTV confirms that it's on 4.2 Saturday night at 11. With SNL being a repeat this week, my iMac is freed up to record it. I think it'll be interesting....
In Westland, WKBD (SD) moves from 13 to 5 and HSN (SD) moves from 15 to 21Several channels are added to the MultiLatino packageEducational, government, public and religious access channels will no longer be duplicated in the 900-series of channelsNo changes affecting HD channels that I can tell
New Posts  All Forums: