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That wasn't my issue; I think the total loss of it was due to multipath from the UHF antenna's reflector. I ended up going back to the Silver Sensor antenna, and CBET is back as it was, with partial breakups. I've also regained Toledo's WTVG, but I've lost CHWI and TVO by going back to the Silver Sensor.
Thanks for the updates on CBET, which let me know the problem was mine, not theirs. I struggled with finding the proper positioning for the antenna, but this morning I found it again, or something pretty close to it. And what's more, I finally got WTVG out of Toledo. Maybe the weather conditions are favorable this morning, for I'm also getting CHWI-16 for the first time ever.
Is CBET-DT OTA having issues today? I was doing some antenna work today that proved unsuccessful in improving my reception of it. But when I put my original antenna configuration back, I couldn't get it at all. I had been getting it with breakups last night.
Good for WXYZ, and good for college football! Too bad I'm on the road and can't watch for myself -- then again, my game (MSU at Notre Dame) is later.
Wonder if it's been discovered and/or used?My antennas are effectively at attic height, since I have raised ceilings. I could get a few inches of height out of the UHF antenna with the proper mount. The VHF antenna, I'm not sure. EDIT: not having checked TVO's latest schedule, I'm not sure what's worth watching on there. But I do know what CBC has, meaning I should probably focus on optimizing my VHF antenna.
I'm in a condo, so outdoor antennas are out of the question for me. My antennas are on the second floor, so I've got decent height. For CBC, I'm very close to having a fully usable signal with some tweaks or antenna adjustments. TVO will need more work.
I'm about a mile and a half south of you, and I too am experiencing less them optimum reception of CBC and TVO. My antennas are indoor, around 15-16 feet above ground level (second story). I receive CBC, but not without a number of pauses in the signal; not much pixelation, though. TVO is much more difficult for me to get; I had to reorient my UHF antenna to point east rather than northeast, and the signal barely comes in.
I'm sure it was mentioned here when the change was contemplated and when it took place. No, RTV is not coming back to WXYZ.
I watched yesterday during the early news, which was Windsor's local report. They were saying they planned to show two episodes of Coronation Street after the news, for the one scheduled for Wednesday wasn't seen due to transition issues. I was experiencing a lot of pauses yesterday, so my reception of them is not optimum, not yet.
When I checked this morning, they were indeed sending out 720p.
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