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I suspect that the amplifier will overload with the local signals that will be very close to you, which would be most of the main Detroit stations.
Continental Cablevision, a predecessor of Comcast in Westland, carried TVO in 1994. I think they had stopped carrying it before CC became MediaOne.
No luck for me with TVO in Westland. I'm detecting CIII-22 but not receiving it well enough to decode anything.
I was fortunate -- my visits were covered by automotive suppliers, so little if any cash out of pocket. But seriously, here's to a successful 2011 season!
I saw them at the Silverdome a few times, yet I too have difficulty remembering them playing there OK, time to turn off the snark
That puts it in the middle of several sports channels -- seems kinda misplaced, to me.
Unless the other channel can't be seen where you're located...
Any word on if/when there will be a full replay of Verlander's second no-hitter? There was an edited one that aired Sat/Sun midnight.
Haven't verified that I've got the new channels in Westland, although I'm optimistic. More troubling, though, will be the time for the various listing services to update their lineups with the new channels. Most troubling for me will be how long it takes TV Guide, who provides the listings for my eyeTV DVR software. May have to investigate how feasible manual recordings are for unlisted channels
Congratulations to DrDon for the 10,000th post on the thread!
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