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They're active in Westland, too.
Confirmed -- when I turn off overscan on my OTA, I do see the notch.
FYI, channels 376-378 are now appearing in Westland. Looks like our Project Cavalry conversion has begun on schedule.
I'm not seeing anything unusual OTA or on Comcast.
TVOntario used to be on the Westland cable system when I first got cable. This would have been when it was still known as Continental Cablevision, back around 1994. It was removed a few years later.
It aired 15 minutes later at 10:13, and it was OK.
Incomplete -- NOW it's over
Maybe not, but time is of the essence for the Colts now...
Whoa -- pick-6! New Orleans has opened it up!
I like the college OT rule better than the pro rule. It gives both teams a chance without the vagaries of a coin toss.
New Posts  All Forums: