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I have the same problem with my s480. In addition to the problem with Netflix, it also does a very poor job with Hulu Plus (which I described in a previous post). I have a PS3 and a Panasonic Blu-ray player in other rooms of the house, and they never have these problems.
That's very close to me. Were the antennas on the roof or indoors? Thanks! And thanks to everyone else for their replies as well. I'll dig up my old compass and make sure that when I get the antenna it's pointed in the right direction.
I'm trying to decide between the DB2 (or Eagle Aspen equivalent) or the ClearStream C2, and would appreciate some input. The antenna would be indoors, but would be on the second floor in a room above the garage, on the wall right up next to the ceiling, facing in the general direction of the stations as much possible given their location. Here's my TVFool info. BTW, I don't care about any of the stations below KSMO in the list. Thanks!
Thanks for the reply. Would that recommendation apply to the Eagle Aspen version of the DB2, or would you go with the Antennas Direct?
I recently dropped TWC and am now getting my local channels OTA. I have a RS 15-1862 antenna, which is by TV #1 in a room over our garage on the 2nd floor. I take the output from the antenna and run it through a splitter, with one output going to TV #1, and the other going to a cable jack on the wall to feed the signal to the other TVs. TV #2 is on the first floor and TV #3 is in a rec room in the basement. TV #1 comes in fine on all channels. TV #2 comes in fine for...
The PS3 and Panasonic are used in other rooms of the house, and never have the problem. I agree the problem is likely with Hulu though. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having the problem with their Sony BDP.
Is anyone else having problems using their Sony BDP-Sx80 for Hulu Plus? I have the S480, and whenever I watch a TV episode, it will play the initial ads and then the first segment of the episode with no problem. However, after the first segment ends, that's where the problem begins. There are normally two ads after the first segment, and those usually play fine (though sometimes not). When the app tries to resume the episode (or sometimes when it tries to start the...
I'm planning to drop cable and use OTA, and have one TV that is "HDTV ready", so need a tuner. It appears that this box is my best choice (out of very few), as I'd like to use HDMI. I currently plug my cable box and PS3 into my receiver, then use an HDMI to DVI cable from the receiver to my TV. From reading the thread there seems to be a problem with sound over HDMI, but I can use optical if needed. One question - does anyone know why all the places (that I could...
I can't speak to that particular mount, but I bought and installed the 3725 mount from Monoprice, and am quite happy with it. It's rated for more weight, which you may not need (but certainly doesn't hurt).
For TWC customers, have you noticed a drop in picture quality? To me, the picture looks NOTICEABLY softer. I believe the change occurred after the channel lineup switch, but I can't say for sure , as I haven't watched a lot of TV lately due to business travel. It's all the more frustrating that I pay more for TWC than people who are only a couple of blocks away because they Surewest and / or U-Verse are available in their area, but not in mine (I'm in Leawood, but...
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