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I'm trying to figure out the best solution for a second room. This second room is upstairs in a detached garage. Goals: - minimal wires - minimal subscriptions - minimal switching between video sources - good WAF - movies (stream and from NAS mkv/m4v) - youtube - games - sports feeds from Dish (722 in main house). Main house: - Dish 722, 2 tuner DVR. - Dune HD Max for movies - PS3 and Wii - gigabit ethernet with NAS containing movies and music Options I've thought...
I've moved to dish. My UTV is collecting dust. It was working the last time I used it. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.
I got the 3.8 upgrade too. Very surprised. I haven't seen anything too shocking, but it does seem faster.
Mediagate MG-35. Plays ISO files with full navigation. Use it for the same reason - kids. Has a HD inside where I keep all of their movies. Makes it simple. I also have other movies on the LAN that aren't kid movies (calling them adult sounds funny) like LoTR, Old School, ... so I can use it without having to findthe DVDs.
Quote: Originally Posted by stanger89 ... aren't directly playable in almost any player (VLC might be able to, and I think it's the only one). ... Check out the Mediagate MG-35. Big thread in here somewhere. Plays ISO and IFO with full menu functionality. Pretty sweet. For me, this makes the ISO much easier for the rest of teh family to use since there is just one files (with a friendly, descriptive) name to find. Otherwise, I agree with...
I like the .iso for the WAF (wife acceptance factor). You can name the .iso anything you want (that the file system can use). I've got folders to divide up the iso files A-D, E-H, ... inside those are just the ISO file with the name of the movie. Easy to use (at least here). When you dive into the video_ts folder, you can get confused at the number of files in there.
I think I'll look for time to go to Best Buy or something. I've thought about the monitor thing, but I'm using a 1600x1200 Flatscreen, so I won't come close to naive resolution. I also work out of the house, so I don't have to worry about getting caught ;-) The Dell's do seem to have a nice switching function (16:9 - 4:3 - others) that I've heard are good. Maybe I'll think about those.
I'm looking to get a small 15-17" LCD TV for my office so I can hook up my PS2 (maybe and Xbox in the future). I'll also use it for TV (HDTV when I can). So, my question(s) basically is "what do people recomend for a small LCD TV to play console games on?" Is refresh rate on these good enough for games?
I love my UTV. I got very scared when I started having tuner problems (wiring issue). At that point I thought I would have to go DTivo. Now CES comes along with the HD DTivo, and there isn't a clear path for UTV's future. Assuming price isn't an issue (MSRP ~$999), would you go Tivo for the HD? It also lets you Tivo OTA channels. Sounds very cool to me. There are a ton of posts in the Tivo forums on it.
When I did that (wiring update and troubleshooting), the UTV picked up the number of tuners was updated in the history. With that, I think you may get what you are looking for. It is worth a try.
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