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I'm at 3300 hours since July 2014... I run in low power mode with our 134" Jamestown screen. I hope to make it till next year before I buy a new bulb.
Yikes those are expensive for 2 meters!
The way i did multiple subs in the past before multiple sub outs was... Hook up one sub and calibrate it to the desired level, disconnect that sub and now hook up another sub and calibrate it to the desired level, repeat until you have all subs calibrated for level. Once you have this done then hook all of the subs up and use the AVR to set the overall level.
My first one was returned in the first 30 days for the fan rattle... The fan noise is only noticeable if i walk around the projector and then I can hear it at around the front right side. I had the dust blobs on my old Epson 1080p... I don't see them on mine period. Our room doesn't really have a dust problem but a dog hair problem. When we get the new HT built it should be dust and dog hair free as the dogs won't be in the room as much as they are now (HT is in the family...
I have been ceiling mounted for almost a year now.... Only problem I have is it developed the fan rattle.
They look awesome... I need to get going and make a new set of templates for my automation on my tablet. I run CQC software for controlling my equipment, selecting movies, music, irrigation, and lighting. Soon I will be controlling HVAC, and security too. It is a lot of hard work getting the first set up and running but once I get it all working it is not that hard to make screens for other devices, and have them match.
Do they supply you with all the graphics including the projector image?
There ya go! I think I would up it a few years for marketing though.
Yup... I picked up mine for under $40.
If they even honored it... In California a lifetime warranty is only 5 years. I don't know how they would look at a 40 or 50 year warranty on a $5 product. I have a feeling the warranty would not even be worth pursuing. So basically we are at the mercy of the manufacturer to be telling us the truth, rather than just marketing it as a 40 year or 50 year product. I don't have a whole lot of faith in relying on a Company to be honest about a product to last 40-50 years. I...
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