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Anyone know of a technical contact at KGMB? I would like to get back their (CBS) HD broadcast, and maybe there is an estimate of when they may have their act together. I live in Waikele, and my tuner can't pick up signal for 9.1. -Tom Armading
If switched video results in more HD, then I may just switch to OTW from my Dish network setup. When they really cutover, will it be obvious? -Tom
I am sorry if this was already asked, but this thread is WAY too long to read all the way through! The HD image from KHET over the air on the their .1 digital channel has tiny black bars on the left and right on my 16x9 TV. Like they have some setting wrong at their studio. Does anyone else see this? -Tom (in Waikele)
1. Panasonic TH-65PF9UK 2. My first plasma, and I wanted a 1080 one. Panasonic has a good rep. 3. amazing picture at 1080 4. haven't found anything (yet) that I don't like. Well, 2 DVI inputs would be nice. 5. It has a very complete feature set (for me) 6. I would like more inputs, but I think they would tell me I can just purchase more inputs for the emply slot. 7. No surprise, as I had been looking at other 1080 displays. 8. No problems so...
With all the new movies, what did I watch yet again: The Fifth Element.
I used that screen for awhile, with my DWIN HDP500 CRT, ceiling mounted. I was bothered by the lack of color uniformity, so I changed to a 1.3 screen. -Tom
I don't get anthing at that site.
I have TWC's HD service, in Rochester. You are correct, there is only HBO and Showtime. I don't think they will transmit any OTA HD network stations until the local stations start broadcasting. I talked to someone (technical director, I think) at the local CBS station (WROC), and he said they were going to start digital transmission in October. But not HD. He didn't think they would do that for at least another year, due to the costs. -Tom
Can anyone give specific information about what equipment is required for a local station to transmit HD that they are given by the networks? I think it would clear up a lot of confusion about how much it really costs. I would also like to give to some local station engineers a list of equipment and prices, so they can't try to snow the issue by just saying it costs half a million dollars. That seems quite high for an estimate, but if I can quote real equipment...
I didn't see anyone else mention this, so I will. Time Warner in Rochester is supplying HBO & Showtime in HD for anyone that is interested. Now if they will just add more stations I might drop my my Dish Networks subscription. -Tom
New Posts  All Forums: