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You can try AC3Filter
Academic question... I noticed some differences on unused inputs when switching between vivid, standard and custom. Curious if this effects those with clouding issues. Good Luck
I have other LCD's at either extreme horizontal or verticle angles I can get similar cloud effects as some of the pictures posted here. Though my set does not appear to have the issues discussed in this thread I still can get the slight cloud effect if my viewing position is higher then the set. I am wondering if this is a design flaw by Sony where they optimized the viewing angle for wall mount. If so dont see how a firmware update will address this. Regards
I'll ask the same question again. Is the clouds due to verticle viewing angle? My set sits higher then my viewing position and I do not see any clouds or light bleed. If I look at the set from a higher viewing position I can see slight clouds and light bleed. (July build date). Try looking at your set from a lower viewing postion and see if it reduces/eliminates the clouds you are seeing Good Luck
For those of you with the cloud issue have you evaluated a different vertical viewing angle. Anotherwords do you see clouds when the set is higher then your viewing position. I have a July build date and didnt really see clouds. But my set sits higher then my viewing position and I am looking up at the screen. The other day when I was standing and happened to have the set on an inactive input I noticed some clouds. If this is the case perhaps some of you can...
Got 604 wifi last weekend. So far really love it. To make DVD's files for the 604 i found DVDDycrytper and PocketDvixencoder work perfectly. Both are free. Pocketdivxencoder already has preset for Archos so its really easy to use Here are links http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=DVD_Decrypter http://www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=PocketDivXEncoder I havent found a need for the DVR dock or plugin. I record little TV when I do I use Windows Media Center and...
I have been following this thread. Sorry to hear some of your issues. My set was manufactured in Mexico with July 2006 build date. No clouds, dead pixels or backlight or banding. Good luck
You might want to consider this set KDL-46X2000 46X2000
Jeff, I have pixalation or other artifacts with comcast digital or analog 480 signals. I find the same artifacts from comcast on all my LCDs. The Sony actually displays them better then my other sets. Their HD signals are acceptable. I believe this to be from their compression as they try to stuff more capabilities in their infrastructure. My panny RP-82 DVD at 480P looks great on the XBR2... pseudo HD. My DVD player and cable box are connected by component so I am...
AndrewScott, I own 3 different LCD sets... with comcast I see the same type of image you posted on all 3. I believe its from their compression. With HD signals, DVD or HTPC my XBR/2 looks fine and I see no signicant artifacts. Since you are seeing this with all sources sounds like you may have defective set. I suggest you have CC demo their set with a standard DVD for you to see. If image is satisfactory have them swap set.
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