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Do you mind sharing the codes you captured? I'l try to send you a PM too.
I have one device that requires a 115k serial connection which my GC-100s don't support. I've been looking for a cheap ethernet to rs232 adapter I can use for this device and came across the Digi RS232 DC-SP-01-CF/W. Has anybody tried this with iRule? Any other suggestions? Also, while I'm at it, does anybody have IR codes for the RCA 46LA45RQ? I've tried all the RCA codes I could find with no luck, I guess they changed them at some point. I'd hate to have to get the...
Used but in great condition ATEN VM-0404H 4x4 HDMI switcher. Comes with rack mount, power adapter and remote. RS232 or IR remote control. 1080p and 3D compliant. This is priced lower than any on ebay and about half of the cost of a new unit. Specs can be found here: http://www.aten.com/products/productItem.php?model_no=VM0404H
I bought a couple of GC-100s for $30 a piece. They work great, no issues. Didn't have the latest firmware but that's not an issue for what I'm doing.
I'm using the MSI 5450 512 Mb. Works great.
I had the same problem when upgrading to Win 7. After several re-installs of all drivers (video and xonar), and TMT3 it suddenly started working again.
I have a similar setup: 8500GT -> HDAV1.3 -> RX-Z7 -> DLA-RS1 Having hand-shake issues occasionally in 1080p / 59Hz. Have not been able to get it to play together at all at 24Hz. Not sure where the problem is, RX-Z7 or the nvidia card. Have you tried an ATI card?
I'm using a Nvidia 8500GT card running at 1080p 59Hz (haven't been able to get 24Hz to work).
WOW That is weird. I just followed your advice and reinstalled everything again and I got bit-streaming back!!!! Everything seems to be working fine again. Not sure what I did differently but happy to have it working again. Hope you get yours sorted out too. BTW I'm using Win7 32bit
Yeah, I've got the latest version of AnyDVDHD. It does sometime take a little while for all the handshaking to sort itself out before I get a picture on the projector (JVC DLA-RS1) but once I get the picture I assume that's all OK.
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