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I'm glad to see this thread alive and well. I keep getting PM asking me to make cables for people, but I can not do it. I was kicked off AVS once for even hinting that I might. Sorry to all who have asked. That being said...this thread was the idea...showing you easy ways to make your own high end cables. so....hop to it!
It sure is nice to see this thread has become such a MONSTER! I love dropping in here and there and seeing your new creations guys!!! Keep up the awesome work!
Yep! I do the same thing with the tape first..then the pants over top.
I agree..but since they banned me for offering to make someone here cables (I was kinda set up actually by a mod) I'm just saying that it could happen to anyone. This is why I don't do it. HELL they'll probably ban me for warning you guys.
Well... I got banned for this very thing...so I'm just warnign you guys.
Just sayin' ;-)
anyone who does will get banned from here. just a warning.
I don't have any raw cable here to take pictures of sorry. The cable pants are much larger ones from Knukoncepts
This lighter gives you an idea of just how thick these cables are.
You guys...seriously if you want THICK cables go to an electrical supplier and buy 600volt 10x4 shielded cable. That's what I'm using now and it's insane for thickness...about 3/4". The only issue you might run into is that they are heavy so you'll need very strong bananas or spades. I braid two 10gauge together for a 2 strand pair of cables and my god are they thick!!! They look awesome and unlike anything that MonoPrice sells!!!
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