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That looks phenomenal, we hope to begin our backyard patio once I am done with the basement project. I was getting tired of seeing unilock on every patio in recent years, and this is something different and looks really great; certainly an option I will be looking into when the time comes. Thanks for sharing, and roll on the summer!
A BIG thank you for all the photos of your HT, and further thanks for taking the time away from the HT to answer questions and post additional information. I will look up AccousticSmart when I am closer to needing the final touches such as seats
Thank you everyone for the great and informative replies. I shall be moving forward to a much more convenient position projector wise. Thanks again, now time to start wiring!
I was actually referring to diagonal, I am still having to adapt to CIH speak. My room will be fully light controlled, dark false front wall. The room is 13' x 30' x 9'. I will be needing an acoustic screen due to the nature of the wall and basement layout. Still feasible? Thank you, Brett
Looking great, subscribed! Fantastic progress - the renderings look amazing, question though, how does one maintain the molding on the lower third of the wall and yet have acoustic treatment behind? or is the acoustic stuff not done? Thanks and keep up the progress pics
Great reply Big, thank you. Your advice is well taken, and I shall adjust accordingly since my shortlist of three projectors all appeared in your list of four and I do not want to spend my speaker budget on a commercial projector. I finished the soffit framing tonight, so low voltage and electric starts in earnest tomorrow before business travel takes a bite out of my availability. Thanks again!
I had posted this in the projector sub-forum, but since it's also a build question I was wondering if anyone in here knew of a projector choice for me. I am in the process of building out my second HT as part of a full basement build in our new home (prior was 7yrs ago and I am feeling my age this time ) and am cabling right now. Ideally I would like to locate the PJ in the rear soffit (with correct ventilation of course). This leads me to the concern over projector...
I am in the process of building out my HT and am cabling right now. Ideally I would like to locate the PJ in the rear soffit (with correct ventilation). This leads me to the concern over projector choice. What good projectors under 5k exist that will get me this distance and a solid visual experience? I wont be buying for another 6mths, but am I really limiting miself with this requirement? Should I just bite the bullet and wire for a ceiling mount in addition to the...
Our HT is not too large (13'x25') and the stage I did makes the room - IMHO. The front speakers are on it, however the sub I made is on the floor due it interfering with the screen. Anyway, one thing that has not been said yet is that a stage is also a screen protector (I think it was another DE thought) since there is something solid on the floor it helps to stop people from getting too close to your screen. Another thing, and mine is not really big enough for...
I sold my two UTV units, and got an R15 and an HD receiver. I regret the R15 for the following reasons: 1) Ability to season record same name shows from different channels (eg: SVU on NBC & USA) 2) 30second skip, I thought I could live without it but now I am 2months with the R15 I hate not having it - pretty frustrating 3) Recently (the last week) I have had to pull the power on the unit 4 times due to the unit locking on one channel with perfect audio, but a...
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