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I suppose a variation of that old adage would be appropriate here..."If it writes like a juvenile.....
Same problem- did a reset(power on with up and down buttons pressed) and presto... No more error. Still no update if I try to redo the FW. At least no error message - I can live with that.
Here is a simple thing to try with a 1201 setup: most lap-tops are not connected to ground (obviously on battery, but surprisingly even on ac). So, if noise pick-up is the problem, establishing a connection to ground may help. You can do this very simply by connecting the lap-top to the plasma tv using an HDMI cable. Plasma tv's are almost always grounded through their ac power cables, so this will connect the 1201 to ground via the USB.
You have to careful when you make blanket statements like this: " I haven't seen a single person who has a calibration lamp at his home." But of course English is not your first language!
Sorry to break this to you, but have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? "All new diagnostics and self-correction features Wavelength calibration LED allows for self diagnosis of optical grating in relation to sensor during white calibration (with automatic correction and notifications) - See more at: http://blog.xritephoto.com/?p=8177#sthash.HbWZcSGV.dpuf"
Are you concerned about polarization errors? Take a look at the first pic in post #125. I have feeling the way the fiber optic cable is wound between the optical and spectro blocks is to minimize (randomize?) polarization issues. Just a wild guess!
Sooo, that's what volumetric color accuracy is!Then again, I don't think I want to know.
...and (theoretically) if you kept going with this iterative process, you will asymptotically approach "perfection" - assuming you have enough computational precision.
Sounds like ..... ITERATION!!!
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