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I got 8 and 35 reception back about a week ago, and 6 came in Sunday night (after the Masters of course).
After the changeover in Powhatan, I still received some HD channels via QAM, but lost a significant number of them. I initially put the free converter box on the HDTVs, but only received the first 70 or so channels, and the picture was horrible and letterboxed. So I was forced to upgrade to HD boxes to receive all of the channels we want to watch in HD. The only TV w/out and HD box now is an older 15" 4:3 HDTV in a bedroom where we periodically watch local network...
It was the same via Comcast for parts of the telecast; they switched to 4:3 SD while they were running weather warnings.
Hey Guys, I watch my HD OTA, but I'm doing some research for a co-worker who lives in Chesterfield; he just bought a new HDTV, called Comcast to have service upgraded and was told that he has to use a cable box, despite having an integrated HD tuner and cable card slot. I know it's been discussed here before, I've done a search and can't find the answers: Does he really have to use a cable box? Do they offer a box with DVR? Is box with DVR the...
Aliens, Yes, I am experiencing the same snapping sound during WRIC transition from 4:3 commercials to HD programming. Mark
During Blind Justice on ABC (OTA) last night, I had perfect surround sound for commercials, but all sound dropped during the show. Reception was perfect. Anybody else have this problem?
Chris, I had the same experience with CBS OTA yesterday afternoon/evening. I had full signal strength, no pixelization and when the picture dropped the "No Signal" notice never popped up. Picture and sound came back in 5-10 seconds. It was only on CBS. Mark
I live in the middle of the forest in the southeast corner of Powhatan County (about 12 miles from antennas off Midlothian) and recieve all but channel 12 solidly with a Silver Sensor antenna; I had to move the antenna when changing channels, but that is minimized since upgrading from Samsung SIR-T151 to T451. It appears that the newer tuner does a better job of pulling in the signals and dealing with multipath. I was planning on putting an antenna in the attic, but...
Steve13/Dale/Anamorpheus, Ditto here. I have the exact same set-up and am about eight miles up Genito Road just into Powhatan County. Since Dale made the changes a few weeks ago, I have been getting less pixelization, lock-ups, and complete loss of picture, but continuing to see one second freezes every minute or so.
I had the same audio experience last night during Survivor and CSI on CBS, and pixelization during ER on NBC. I guess the weather may have effected reception since NBC is usually solid and one of the few shows my wife will actually watch in HD with me because of reception issues on CBS and recently ABC. We were forced to switch over to analog as well.
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