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I cannot imagine a technical reason LG couldn't do for 110" OLED what was done for 110" LCD: make it out of what would have been 4 x 55" screens.In fact, it seems much easier to do this on the OLED, since there is no pixel patterning.
I don't think we can be nostalgic for something that isn't really even in the grave yet... But that said, it's worth noting that while the 60 series folks seem to have some image retention complaints, I find the effect impossible to replicate on my VT50. (The one time I ever saw it was during calibration; it was the first and last time.)
You are conflating two unrelating things.Every single display shuts off the blue, red or green when not needed. All of them.What I was discussing with the Sharp was shutting off yellow and making the colors without it, which could be done...Right.And why this is happening, we still don't know.
fafrd, more research is needed. I'm not sure.
Beyond complete nonsense, it's completely non possible.
I'm going to guess this is a function of the electrode design at this point, combined with the fact that since there aren't any pixels on the OLED layer, you are seeing nice rigid rectangles thanks to a perfectly patterned color filter only. The pixels would not be remotely rectangular without you seeing them through what amounts to a "rectangular cutout". So that explains why there is interpixel horizontal space (and always will be) and at least some interpixel vertical...
So that's one model then? Out of well over a dozen tablet models? And it will have what kind of production? Shocking you're still an abject a--... Well, not really shocking.Doubtful.
Well if you have giant pockets, it might be nice to have a thinner TV to slide into those pockets easily!
So, yes, if those initial hours are so absolutely critical and the TV was used in letterbox during it... That just feels so unbelievably unlikely....I hate to even type this, but uneven wear and static images are the same problem. Each basically means that the material ages rapidly where it is either used or not used.Yes, it would be.Actually, that won't tell us anything. If the previous ones were defective in some way and these aren't, the new ones will be fine and we'll...
They take info from the major manufacturers. They then compile it and tell the guys what they want to hear. It's not that they are corrupt, in my opinion. It's that they extrapolate from what production exists, what the mfrs. expect to build, what those folks know based on customer requests (mostly major customers, e.g. Apple, Sony).They can't see the forest for the trees however. If a shift is occurring out in consumer-ville, DisplaySearch is blind to it until it trickles...
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