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I was in, but now I'm totally out, the recent announcements from both sides have confused me to no end, I sold my ps3 a while back and offloaded my hd-dvd addon recently. Overpriced discs, backdoor deal politics and overall just ****** support through rental/retail is why I've gone back to good old DVD. Upscaled it still looks pretty good on my 42inch screen.
Great, that's what bluray needs, more 1k+ players that aren't even complaint to the highest BD spec. I think the hd-dvd group have it in the bag this Christmas.
Both formats are doomed imo, this war will drag on, mass market consumers are not interested in rebuying their dvd collection so soon, not to mention are extremely happy with DVD currently. I've even personally started bailing out of hd media, I just don't see much point investing time and money into either formats anymore until a single format is decided upon. Studios need to sit down together and effectively kill 1 format if there is to be a future for either formats....
With the subprime mortgage fallout still rippling through the economy, low priced hd players is a must for 2008 imo if hd has any chance of taking off.
Well definitely looks like warner is going exclusive. Probably most likely HD-DVD, it makes more financial sense for them to do so.
Sony has burned customers in the past with failed formats, you're a fool to buy into a sony format and not expect the possibility of it going pear shaped. They have the worst track record in the industry when it comes to media formats. Hell even the recent failed UMD format should of been a massive warning sign to most.
Considering the cost to make a 30gb disc is still cheaper than a single layer BD25. Makes sense to go hddvd, you get an extra 5 for less and current dvd lines can be upgrade to handle more capacity and produce both regular and hd dvd. From a scaling point of view, the economics behind bluray aren't viable with the current market conditions.
I agree, I feel that BD50 isn't ready for full scale mass production and sony and co are hiding that fact. Also I feel that java and the multiple spec nonsense is a big a deal breaker. Having to support various java vms and different hardware feature sets is a support nightmare. Not to mention studios now have to become software houses to publish movies. It's all just crazy and HDi really does all that's needed with much less fuss/cost/support to studios. At the end of the...
I love it, sony have been throwing money around like it's going out of fashion, buying support. All of sudden toshiba learn to play hardball and it's now it's anticompetitive. Last time i check bluray was the format that had a whole stack of exclusive agreements. If anything sony is the one that needs to be investigated for trying to destroy their competition by strangling content off.
I wonder what the yield rates are like too. Honestly I feel Paramount ditched bluray because bluray media doesn't scale well enough for mass market sales. That combined with cheaper players means hd-dvd is better equipped to take the load DVD currently handles. I guess when you also factor in the simpler mastering process, HD DVD is ready for prime time, bluray still needs to get their act together with respect to java and this silly 1.1 spec nonsense.
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