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It only does everything The tears of the trolls taste bittersweet in the evening.
Best news for me is the DTS MA decode during 3D playback, I was gong to buy a standalone player due to this limitation but no need now , looks like it was a software development delay rather than an HDMI bandwidth issue.
http://www.engadget.com/2011/04/05/p...onnect-tvs-we/ Some interesting new apps inbound for our 2011 tellies, including MLB, NHL, MLS, and a bunch of games. Also an app that works with Nordictrac treadmill and Google Earth (run thru the streets of Paris etc). This is the way around the cable companies.
Mine was ordered via Amazon (thru Paul's TV). Shipped from AZ to NY via Pilot, locally delivered by two guys in a white work van. I was shitting bricks about damage too but no worries in the end.
Yes, this year (2011) the ST, GT and VT series all have 2D->3D conversion.
Just tried it with the front power switch, input is PS3 blu-ray, goes from fully black (off), two flickers (rez change?) and then it's into the blu-ray. The sequence is fast enough that I really couldn't tell you with accuracy.
Once I figured out how to turn it on (3D button on control, duh), I've been using it for all my non-native 3D viewing. Turned up the effect to max, turned off motion smoothing, looks great. Adds depth into the screen, not so much "coming out of screen" moments. Only "artifact" I've seen so far in 2D-3D conversion is in The Blind Side, when the social worker guy is talking to Leanne about adopting Mike, the detail in the very narrow coloured stripes of his shirt cause a...
AFAICT it only allows you to label inputs as "GAME" and has a GAME preset (preset controlling starting contrast/brightness/etc), there doesn't appear to be a game setting as such. That said, I've played some GT5 (parallax 9, convergence 0.3) in bumper cam - too much for cockpit view (awesome), Super Stardust HD (eyegasm), WipeoutHD (dribbles). Excellent 3D throughout. Will be trying out Killzone 3 today.
Once my wife saw Avatar in 3D she was good to go. Initial thoughts: - quite a load to heft around single handed once out of the box. - zero audible buzz. - picture quality is fantastic, Avatar in 3D is like opening the pane. No probs watching with afternoon ambient thri closed blinds. Blacks: Not as black as my old CRT RP, but the superior detail in the shadows makes the experience more realistic. 2D viewing: Dead Mans Chest (tempting letterbox retention!) And then...
At least this time I gave her a little advanced notice, when the 47" was delivered in 2002 we were yet to be married, the first hint there was the arrival of the Circuit City truck, her words then: "If its over 50" I'll kill you".
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